Doing business in Delft

For knowledge intensive industries, there is no better place to work from, than Delft. Delft literally breathes knowledge. A third of the population is highly educated; the concentration of research institutions is the highest in the Netherlands and the companies present are almost, without exception, at the top of their fields.

Delft Technology Partners

Delft Technology Partners (DTP) supports knowledge intensive companies to establish and take root in Delft. We connect and strengthen existing businesses and institutions through funding, community building and project development.


Sinds oktober 2016 zijn wij gehuisvest aan de Oostsingel 209 te Delft. Voorheen een oud laboratorium dat omgetoverd is tot een plek waar innovatie met de unieke Ampelmann-energie samenkomt. We zijn blij dat we in een inspirerend stukje van Delft zitten wat toch binnen Nederland dé plek is en blijft voor techniek en innovatie. Hoewel ons hoofdkantoor niet meer op de campus is, blijft de band met de TU Delft erg belangrijk voor ons. We stimuleren jong technisch talent door het aanbieden van afstudeerstages en studenten bijbanen binnen alle facetten van de organisatie. Ook zijn we van plan ruimtes binnen het gebouw aan te bieden aan beginnende start-ups zodat zij hun ideeën kunnen uitwerken. Ampelmann bewijst, door wereldveroverende innovaties, dat de high-tech industrie in Delft springlevend is!"

— Marcel Luijten (CFO Ampelmann)

Science as inspiration for innovation. It was a given that we would choose for the TU Delft's Science Park - the knowledge heart of the Netherlands. With the University, start-ups, technology industries close by, knowledge sharing and cooperation stimulated by the City, 3M feels perfectly at home. Our new building, together with the Innovation Centre is an inspiring place to brainstorm, take stock of new ideas and embark upon new projects. Within this eco-system, and backed by our 3M laboratories in Belgium and the world, we can develop further develop our ideas and make them concrete."

— Patrick Rogiers (Managing Director 3M Benelux)

Applikon Biotechnology moved to the Technopolis site in Delft in August 2013 and feels right at home there. The immediate surroundings and the region are buzzing with activities that encourage the growth and development of knowledge and innovation. The joining of forces between the City of Delft and TU Delft in Delft Technology Partners provides an excellent breeding ground for this. This breeding ground offers great opportunities for an instrumentation company such as Applikon to continue to improve its products with high-tech innovations and so, as a Delft SME, to continue to occupy a leading position worldwide. "

— Arthur Oudshoorn (Applikon)

“There is plenty of room in Delft for emerging technology companies. Delft attracts a lot of activity, due in part to the presence of TU Delft, and also because of its proximity to the Port of Rotterdam and its hinterland. The interaction between established technology companies and institutions leads to increased business growth and an even more attractive business climate. The Datacenter Group aims to bring added value in the area of co-location, networks, technology and sustainability. We constantly seek the best solutions in our technological development, and this has made us one of the most sustainable data centres in the Netherlands.""

— Siemon van den Berg (Directeur The Datacenter Group)

Knowledge development is best achieved where multiple stakeholders mutually reinforce one-another. This can be done at the Biotech Campus Delft, either at the DSM Delft site or in the Science Park of the TU Delft. The University along with DSM and others already located provide a strong foundation for innovation around biotechnology. Knowledge is built together and testing to scale can be done at the Biotech Pilot Facility from which other companies can take new advances to large-scare production. Each one's own expertise complements that of others such that together more is achieved."

— Frank Teeuwisse, Director DSM